Quick Minnesota Eclipse Forecast

MN Cloud Forecast.png
Cloud forecast for 1 PM CT Monday.
Are you preparing for what we are able to see of the solar eclipse across the state of Minnesota Monday? Well, looking at the forecast it does appear there will be some clouds to contend with, especially across southern and northwestern Minnesota. Here is the timing of the eclipse in the Twin Cities:
  • 11:43 AM: Eclipse begins
  • 1:06 PM: Maximum coverage of the sun (86%)
  • 2:29 PM: Eclipse ends
MN 1PM Cloud Coverage
Taking a look at cloud cover percentage across the state for 1 PM – approximately the time of the greatest coverage of the sun – the best chance of seeing a few breaks in the clouds would be across northern Minnesota.
MN Eclipse Map.png
This map shows what maximum coverage will look like across the state of Minnesota, courtesy of Shadow and Substance.

Fifth Wettest Day In St. Cloud History Monday


Heavy, slow moving rain impacted parts of central Minnesota yesterday evening, leaving over 4″ in spots. Officially, the St. Cloud airport ended up with 4.08″ of rain yesterday. That not only broke the record for the day (which was 2.03″ back in 2014), but ended up being the fifth wettest day ever on record and third wettest August day on record.


Meanwhile, the rain yesterday brings the monthly total for St. Cloud up to 8.36″, making it the second wettest August on record. We would need a little under an inch of rain today/tomorrow combined to make a run at the number one spot.

Aug30RainTotalsHere’s a map of 24 hour rainfall ending around 7 am Tuesday across central Minnesota. I am only showing numerical totals of a half inch or greater in this graphic. Numerous areas ended up with over an inch of rain from slow moving storms over the past 24 hours. An area of 4″+ fell from St. Cloud to the Milaca area (4.50″ was reported on the north side of Milaca). Meanwhile, 2-4″+ fell yesterday morning in the Alexandria area.

Seven Days With 1″+ Of Rain In The Twin Cities So Far In 2016


The Twin Cities saw their seventh day with one inch or more of rain Tuesday, with 1.01″ falling. The rain on Tuesday put the Twin Cities officially over the number of average 1″+ rainfall days per year (six) and above the number of 1″+ days last year (also six). Looking elsewhere across the state, St. Cloud so far has seen five days with at least one inch of rain of rain, sitting right about average for the entire year. Duluth has also seen five days with at least one inch of rain so far this year. The wettest day for both St. Cloud and Duluth so far in 2016 was July 11th.